The Uses of Sand, Kitty Litter, and Salt During the Winter Season

The three materials help in the stability and control of an automobile especially during the cold season as each has its importance and use. Sand, for instance, is used on driveways to ensure the car is not stuck while navigating on the highways. Many might confuse the purpose of sand for de-icing the ice, but this is not the case. Road salt is wholly used to serve the melting function bringing about clear highways and ease of navigation. It is high dissolves in water preventing the occurrence of sticky mud. It is a common commodity but usually expensive during the winter periods.

Kitty litter is composed up of clay and does not de-ice the ice but attracts moisture and hence used in the inside of a car to help in reducing moisture during the travel. We can assist you in getting this type of information at our here at Carbone Subaru in Troy, NY.

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