Don’t Skip the Pre-Check

You should always take the time to do your pre-trip road checklist. Your checklist should include checking your fluids, your tire pressure, and your wipers. You should also make sure that your seat and mirrors are adjusted properly so that you can just get in and go and not try to adjust things as you are driving.

Be sure to also bring your vehicle to us here at Carbone Subaru in Troy, NY so we can make sure that your vehicle is all tuned up and ready to go. It doesn't take long and t will give you peace of mind that your vehicle will be reliable and won't have a breakdown. It is ideal to check your vehicle every time that you go somewhere, but as long as you do it regularly, it is better than never doing it at all. Pay attention to any messages that may show up on your dash and schedule routine Subaru service with us soon.

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