Stay Safe and Avoid Distracted Driving

Despite widespread campaigns warning of the risks of distracted driving, it's perhaps more common than ever in Troy. It can be difficult to keep your eyes and mind on the road, especially when you're surrounded by technology and incoming messages that are difficult to ignore. We know that you want to stay safe on the roads, and avoiding distraction can play an important role.

When you're driving to work or coming home, the ride can seem like a good time to get other things done. This can be especially true if you're stuck in traffic or at a long red light. You might want to catch up with friends on the phone, scan for music or even send an email or text. However, by keeping your eyes on the road, you'll also help to avoid dangerous car accidents.

At Carbone Subaru, we can help you find the next vehicle to enjoy safely on the roads. Come to visit us for a test drive today.

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