Important Towing Guide Safety Tips to Consider

The crew working at Carbone Subaru wanted to pass along these towing safety tips.

  • Before you put another vehicle on the trailer, take a lug wrench and tighten all the lugs so there is no chance the tires can come loose on the road.
  • Be sure to connect the wiring harness correctly, then have another person get behind the vehicle to see if the parking, brake, and signal lights, are all operating as they should.
  • After the vehicle is on the trailer, check the tire pressure in the trailer tires now and a few later to ensure there is no leak in the tires.
  • The blind spots increase with a load on the trailer, so invest in small blind spot mirrors to increase the field of vision while towing.

Allow the service center at Carbone Subaru to service your vehicle so it will be ready when it comes time to tow another vehicle.

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