Reasons Why Your Car is Overheating

Your car can overheat, causing you to need service on your vehicle. When your car engine gets too hot, your engine can overheat. This will cause your engine to run poorly and will eventually lead to your engine completely failing because it is too hot.

If you notice the gauge on your dashboard showing a hot engine, it's time to get service at Carbone Subaru for your car's engine. The problem can be small, such as a leak in a hose of your cooling system, or it can be more extensive such as a problem with your water pump.

Once the cause of your overheating engine is determined, you will be given an estimate regarding the repairs. Get your car fixed when the engine is running too hot, or you are going to cause further problems with your vehicle. If your engine is overheating, your vehicle in to our service center as soon as possible.

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