Understanding Different Types of Brake Fluid

Brake fluid must stand up to intense pressure and extremely high temperatures, and that is why it needs to be flushed once every year two. When flushing your brake fluid, you might come across dozens of different products and brands. Here is a quick guide to determining what type of brake fluid your vehicle needs.

Most modern vehicles now come equipped with anti-lock brake systems (ABS), and those cars require glycol-based brake fluid. Silicone-based brake fluid, on the other hand, should be used in all cars and trucks that don’t have ABS brake systems. As a general rule, brake fluid that has a higher DOT rating is going to be much more durable and consistent.

Choosing the right brake fluid can be difficult, but the service department here at Carbone Subaru is ready to help. Please head to our service center located in Troy, NY for a comprehensive inspection of your vehicle’s braking system.

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