A Few Parts That Cool Your Engine

A lot of car issues might seem like they're exacerbated by the weather. When it comes to an overheated engine, this is partly true. The heat from a particularly hot day during the summer can make an engine slightly hotter by making the temperature of your coolant rise, but there are several other factors that can make your engine overheat, and you should know the best ways to protect this expensive part on your vehicle.

Low or old coolant in your vehicle can cause your vehicle to overheat. That's why you should have your coolant flushed out of your system and replaced periodically. You can consult your user manual or talk to your mechanic.

Also, have your radiator and water pump checked. These parts, as well, are crucial to ensuring that your engine stays cool. Some hoses that deliver coolant to components on your car can wear through, so you should ensure that they're checked, too.

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