Clean Off Oxidization for Sparkling Headlights

You put a lot of time into cleaning and maintaining your vehicle, so when you find something on it that looks unsightly no matter what you do, it's frustrating. Headlights are one of those parts of the car that look so much better when they're sparkling, but after several years, the plastic begins to oxidize, giving headlights a yellow appearance. Here are a couple of strategies that you can try to make them shine again.

If you see a yellow film on your headlight, you should try using bug spray with Deet to remove the film. But if you use this method, be careful. It's very effective at removing car paint, too, so you should put it on a rag first to apply it to your headlamps.

Using a kit that's designed to clean headlamps is another option. Many brands of car-care products make them, and they come with directions to take out the guesswork.

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