The Process of the Auto-Dimming Rear View Mirrors

There is a process that goes into the technology that makes the ride safe for the driver. When it comes to the rear-view mirror, there is a process called electrochromism. This process involves dimming the rear-view mirror for the driver when light is involved on the road. Blindness from the light can last a few minutes.

The auto-dimming mirrors have two sensors in most cases. They are either photo-detectors or cameras. When light shines on them, the sensors then activate and charge the gel in the mirror which darkens in a way that reduces the glare. Therefore, any bright light that comes up on the rear-view mirror is dimmed.

When people drive with the auto-dimming rearview mirrors, they are able to see better. It does not matter whether they are in a rural area or an urban area. When the light gets bright, the mirrors dim.

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