Protect Your Winter Tires by Replacing Them With Summer Tires in the Spring

You know that it's important to have quality tires on your vehicle, but do you know how important it is to have tires that are made for the season and weather in which you're driving? At Carbone Subaru in Troy, NY, we want you to make the most of your vehicle by using the right tires at the right times, and we want to help you understand the difference between winter and summer tires.

Winter tires are made of a softer rubber that grips the road when the weather is cold and wet. They also have a deeper tread. On the other hand, summer tires are made of a harder rubber, which actually helps the tire grip the road better when it's hot outside with little precipitation.

When you use winter tires in the summer, you'll run into two main problems. First of all, more than likely, you'll have difficulties stopping or changing directions quickly because of the softness of the rubber. The tires will also wear away more quickly.

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