If you've received a notice from the manufacturer of your vehicle or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), we'll be glad to help. A recall is simply a notification that an item on your vehicle may experience problems, and the dealership it was purchased from or an affiliate will repair the item.

You'll typically have a date that's recommended or a required date to have the service completed. You'll also find a summary of the issue and how it could affect your vehicle. For safety-sensitive items that could cause any significant injury, you'll want to schedule your service immediately.

Most safety recalls don't require immediate attention; however, it's always best to schedule service at your earliest convenience. If you happen to misplace the notice, the NHTSA website will have the information available on their website. Carbone Subaru is just a short ride from Albany in Troy, NY. Schedule your recall service appointment for the best availability, today.

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