At Carbone Subaru, we've had many Troy, NY customers inquire about what makes an engine overheat. Your vehicle's cooling system is what keeps your engine from getting too hot. The radiator, radiator hoses, radiator cap, water pump, and thermostat are the main components of a cooling system.

Your vehicle's radiator plays an integral role in keeping your engine cool. The radiator circulates antifreeze through a core that is surrounded by cooling fins that dissipate the heat. Your vehicle's radiator needs to be flushed at regular intervals to keep it in optimal condition. Follow your manufacturer's radiator flush schedule, which can be found in your owner's manual.

There are signs that can let you know that your cooling system needs to be serviced. If your vehicle overheats right after it's started, then it needs to be serviced. You should also have your radiator inspected if you notice a puddle of antifreeze underneath your vehicle.

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