The People Here to Serve You

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  • Kevin Hoagland
    General Manager


  • Fred Diamond
    General Sales Manager

  • John Sieper
    Sales Manager

  • Mark Paone
    Floor Manager
    (866) 866-0309

  • Norah Frenyea
    Sales Consultant
    (866) 866-0309

    Norah has been working in automotive sales at Carbone Subaru of Troy for 3 years. What Norah enjoys most about working at Carbone Subaru of Troy is the fact that it is like a family. She appreciates how the team works together and shows appreciation and respect for everyone.

    In her free time, Norah enjoys spending time with her beautiful family. She has a 21 month old who she will tell you is a victim of "mommy's kisses."

    Every year Norah likes to take a trip somewhere tropical, a few of the places she has visited are: Jamaica, Dominican Republic, and Mexico.

    To contact Norah, give her a call at (866) 866-0309 or send her an email:

    To learn more about Norah, click here to view her profile.

  • Sohail William
    Sales Consultant
    (866) 866-0309

  • Christian Stringer
    Sales Consultant
    (866) 866-0309

  • Joe Keator
    Sales Consultant
    (866) 866-0309

  • James Johnson
    Sales Consultant
    (866) 866-0309

  • Gary Fernet
    Sales Consultant
    (866) 866-0309

  • Jeffery Meadows
    Sales Consultant
    (866) 866-0309

  • Allison Raymond
    Sales Consultant

  • JP Wallas
    F&I Manager
    (866) 866-0309

  • Bill Magee
    Finance Manager
    (866) 866-0309

    Bill has working as a sales consultant at Carbone Subaru of Troy for 1 1/2 years. What he enjoys most about working for Carbone is the friendly atmosphere and the great people he works with.

    A few of Bill's hobbies are golf, motorcycles, and watching and playing Baseball, Basketball, and Football. He has one American Bulldog, and his favorite place to vacation is Malibu, California.

    To contact Bill, give him a call at (866) 866-0309 or send him an email:

    To learn more about Bill Magee, click here to view his profile.

  • Our Technicians

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